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Welsh Family



 Trevor Welsh, Dad, Bossman, CEO, Son, Brother. A man of many titles and the reason Welsh Construction is so successful. Trevor grew up in the town of Wilmington, NC and has made a name for himself in the Marine Construction Industry. However, before starting Welsh Construction he was the Building Inspector for Wrightsville Beach for 5+ years and has worked on the island for almost 15 years. In addition to his General Contractors license, he holds certifications in Water Treatment and has extensive knowledge of all things coastal. He has a true passion for marine life and the clients he serves.


We hope we can bring as much joy to you and your next project as you bring to our family and company. Owning a business and having a three little ones is no easy task - but we are dedicated and excited to continue creating a future for our children!


Pictured above is Trevor's loving partner, two daughters Letti and Rowyn, and his son Huxley.


putting our best work out there means we need the best team players



Creating a beautiful future for our family, as well as yours. Through exploration of Leadership, Teamwork and Nature.


Photos by K.Ley Productions

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